• Pauline Boss, Ph.D
  • David Keith, M.D. in Syracuse, New York
  • Rebecca King, M.D. in Auburn, New York, host of
  • Doug Kramer, M.D. in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Erin Morgan, Ph.D
  • Oregon Health & Science University Psychiatry Department
  • Oregon Health & Science University Biomedical Information Communication Center
  • Nan and Allen Whitaker-Emrich in Portland, Oregon
  • Jeremy Whitaker
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison, Archives


  • Godaddy web hosting – $60 / year
  • MySql database – $150 / year
  • Soundcloud Unlimited account – $135 / year
  • Vimeo Pro account – $100 / year
  • Duplication and transfer services – we expect to spent about $1000 total over several years to digitize reel-to-reel audiotapes, 16 MM and 8 MM film, 3/4-inch cassette and 1/2 inch reel videotapes.
  • Professional services – $500 / year


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