Shipping Instructions

The Carl Whitaker Project is a collection of the work of Carl Whitaker, MD and web site to make his work easily available to scholars and clinicians. You can help the Project by sharing items from your collection for duplication and indexing.

DOWNLOAD – this page in PDF form.

The Carl Whitaker Project is seeking –

  • Articles by and about Whitaker. A list of missing items is on the web site at
  • Audio, film & video recordings of Whitaker– both talks to professional groups & patients
  • Letter correspondence with Whitaker

If you use ONLINE DELIVERY to share an item, please

  • Share full documents, not links to documents
  • Include your name and contact information in email message

If you use POSTAL MAIL to share an item, please

  • Include your name and contact information in an enclosed note
  • State if you intend your item to be a donation to the archive


Single files up to 10 megabytes or multiple files adding up to 10 megabytes in size can be sent as an attachment to a single email. Multiple emails can be sent. Send to

Video and audio files up to 5 gigabytes can be sent via Dropbox.

If you have files over 5 gigabytes, we’ll send you a flash drive. Send a list of what you plan to send contact and mailing information to


Packages can be shipped USPS to

Carl Whitaker Project
PO Box 3641 – Portland, Oregon 97208

Video and audio files over 5 gigabytes can be loaded to a flash drive and sent via USPS postal mail to the address above.

Items will be professionally duplicated and returned to their owner as soon as possible. Items can also be donated to the archive.