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Carl Whitaker, 83, Therapist Who Focused on Family Life

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David Keith eulogy for CAW

Follow-up, by Gus Napier – republished in ” Family Therapy – Full Length Case Studies” which the CAW library has a copy of.

Gus Napier eulogy for CAW

Karen Gears Siegfried eulogy for CAW

Limitations of the Professional Psychotherapist

unknown author – ask David Keith

Multiple Therapy with a Couple – Whitaker & Felder

Vitae March 1977

Symbolic Sex in Family Therapy

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Husband and Wife as Co-Therapists – Whitaker

This is an unpublished essay by Carl about his work with Muriel, possibly the only copy.  It should go on the Muriel page.  What was their 50th anniversary date?

The Technique of Family Therapy – Whitaker

Teaching the Practicing Physician to do Psychotherapy – from the Southern Medical Journal, October 1949.  Interesting summary where CAW indicates the premise is unlikely.  NWE says this essay was conversational at the time.



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