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Parallel Play: The Journey Inside, by Carl Whitaker and Randy Jaff (Learning Edge Series)

Carl Whitaker (An Interview with Carl Whitaker), by William Doherty (Founders Series)

Creating A Symbolic Experience Through Family Therapy, by Carl Whitaker and Gary Connell (Learning Edge Series)

Between Generations, by Carl Whitaker, Terry Hargrave (Keynote Series)

Carl Whitaker Conversation Hour, by Carl Whitaker (Keynote Series)

Usefulness Of Non-presented Symptoms, by Carl Whitaker (Master Series)

The Family As Therapist: A Whitaker/Andolfi Dialogue, by Carl Whitaker & Andolfi (Learning Edge Series)

“Usefulness of Non-Presenting Symptoms” another AAMFT product is on our video page now.

According to a 2009 email from AAMFT, proceeds from sales go to the AAMFT Minority Scholarship Fund.

Owned by the Milton Erickson Foundation