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Books owned by the Carl Whitaker Project

A Family Therapy Notebook. By Bruce B. Peck, Ph.D. 1974. Carl wrote a brief forward to this book.

Family Therapy – Full Length Case Studies
. Edited by Peggy Papp M.S.W. 1977. Carl and David Keith contribute “The Divorce Labyrinth” to this book, originally published in REFERENCE. Gus Napier tracks Whitaker and Keith’s patients a year later with, “Follow-up to Divorce Labyrinth,” originally published REFERENCE.

Beyond the Double Bind. Edited by Milton M Berger, M.D. 1978. “Co-Therapy of Chronic Schizophrenia,” by Carl, originally published REFERENCE. This is a rare long essay without a co-author by Carl. He adds an interview between himself and “participant” to the conclusion.

The Roots of Psychotherapy. By Tom P. Malone, M.A., Ph.D and Carl Whitaker, M.D. 1953.

The Adolescent in Group and Family Therapy. Edited by Max Sugar, M.D. 1975. “The Symptomatic Adolescent – An AWOL Family Member,” by Carl Whitaker, M.D.

From Psyche to System – The Evolving Therapy of Carl Whitaker. Edited John R. Neill and David P. Kishkern, Psy.D. 1982.

Dimensions of Family Therapy. Edited by Maurizio Andolfi, M.D. and Israel Zwerling, M.D., Ph.D. 1980. “Add Craziness and Stir: Psychotherapy with a Psychoticogenic Family,” co-written by David V. Keith, M.D. and Carl Whitaker, M.D.

Failures in Family Therapy. Edited by Sandra B. Coleman. 1985. “Failure: Our Bold Companion,” co-written by David V. Keith, M.D. and Carl Whitaker, M.D.

Midnight Musings of a Family Therapist. By Carl Whitaker, M.D., edited by Margaret O. Ryan. 1989.

Dancing with the Family – A Symbolic Experiential Approach. By Carl Whitaker, M.D. and William M. Bumberry, Ph.D.

The Handbook of Marriage and Martial Therapy. Edited by G. Pirooz Sholevar, M.D. 1981. “Existential Martial Therapy: A Synthesis A Subsystem of Existential Family Therapy,” by Carl Whitaker, M.D., Alice Greenberg, Ph.D. and Milton L. Greenberg, M.F.T.

An Experiential Workshop by Carl Whitaker, M.D. Eight two-sided 120 minute cassettes. Made in Santa Barbara, California March 12 and 13, 1988.

The Lourdes of Arizona. By Carlos Amantea. 1989.

Voices – The Art and Science of Psychotherapy. 1965. Issue No. 1. “Process Koans,” by Carl and John Warkentin, M.D., Ph.D., editor of Voices.

Videotape Techniques in Psychiatric Training and Treatment. Edited by Milton M. Berger, M.D. 1978. “The Use of Videotape in Family Therapy with Special Relation to the Therapeutic Impasse,” by Carl Whitaker, M.D.

The Book of Family Therapy. Edited by Ferber, Mendelsohn & Napier 1972. Citations and text throughout.

Family Therapy: Theory and Practice. Edited by Philip J. Guerin, Jr. M.D. 1976. “The Hinderance of Theory in Clinical Work,” and “A Family is a Four-Dimensional Relationship,” by Carl Whitaker, M.D.

Psychotherapy and Counseling: Studies in Technique. Edited by William S. Sahakian. 1969. “Experiential or Nonrational Psychotherapy” with excerpts from essay of the same name by Thomas Malone, Ph.D, Carl Whitaker, M.D., John Warkentin, Ph.D, Richard Felder, M.D., originally published in American Journal of Psychotherapy, 1961, 15, 212-220; from pp. 213-219, and The Roots of Psychotherapy by Malone and Whitaker.

Normal Family Processes. Edited by Froma Walsh. 1993. This book doesn’t appear to have anything by Whitaker in it.

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Family Therapy: Theory and Practice – 3/3/2014 – ARRIVED
Psychotherapy and Counseling – Studies in Technique – 3/3/2014 – ARRIVED
Normal Family Processes – 3/3/14 – ARRIVED
The Book of Family Therapy, Napier 1972- 3/3/14 – ARRIVED
The Family Crucible, Whitaker & Napier (additional paperback copy) – 4/15/14 – ARRIVED
What is Psychotherapy? Zell, Munion – 4/15/14 – ARRIVED
The Evolution of Psychtherapy – The Second Conference – 4/15/14 – ARRIVED