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Usefulness of Non-Presenting Symptoms, from AAMFT – $129.

This session, recorded in 1986 and digitally remastered in 2009, features Carl Whitaker conducting a live, unedited therapy session with a family. The featured family includes a grandmother, mother of two pre-adolescent sons. The women are recent widows and the boys were abused by their deceased alcoholic father. Through pushing and then drawing the family in, inter-generational rules that hypnotize people to act in destructive ways are searched out. Themes of suicidal behavior, depression, unresolved grief and obesity become apparent as the family is challenged to deal with issues in a healthier fashion.

www.psychotherapy.net may be selling the following video, formerly available from Golden Triad Films. No price or purchasing information is on the site as of 1/1/2014

Experiential Family Therapy Featuring Carl Whitaker, a 2-DVD series consisting of the following titles:

VT 120 – Experiential Family Therapy #1
VT 121 – Experiential Family Therapy #2

Carl Whitaker: Therapeutic Three Generation Family Reunion
In this program, Carl Whitaker demonstrates consultation and his therapeutic approach with a therapist and his clients: a bilingual family with a mother who experiences anxiety attacks. The DVD shows how Whitaker engages each family member.
DVD / 1990 / 60 min / #30TS7470 – $119

A Different Kind of Caring: Family Therapy With Carl Whitaker
In this program, Carl Whitaker conducts three actual family therapy sessions. The DVD features interviews with Whitaker in which he explains why he selected particular clinical interventions and discusses his techniques.
DVD / 1988 / 60 min / #7TS6833 – $199